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Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's not how much you spend

Wow I just had to post this because it was a real eye opener for me. We have always spoiled the kids with tons of Christmas gifts...but this year we have decided to only give 3 each. If it is good enough for baby Jesus it is plenty for our little angels. Well I have been feeling like the 3 gifts have got to be expensive really nice gifts because they are only getting the 3. God has opened my eyes in a big way to see it's not how much you spend that makes a gift special. The saying that the kids play with the box more than the toy is really not that off. I went to Goodwill yesterday and bought a book for Eliana knowing she is are little book worm. I didn't think much of it...just another book. However the kids thought it was the best gift in the entire world. All 3 kids played non-stop for 3 hrs straight with this book. It was so cute. It really helped me to see it is more about the thought of what your child personally likes than whats the latest and greatest holiday toy is.

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