Our Life is Blessed

Praise To God Comes Naturally When You Count Your Blessings.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My new project

So I have so been in need of a creative project. It has been driving me crazy not to have painted the house and decorate the way I normally get to do. So funny enough I am just killing time looking at our local garage sale website...it is like craigslist. I come across a ad for a cute little white dresser. So I click just to see it, because we don't need a dresser. I instead find a picture of a little white armoire...well we don't have that??? lol. So I automatically start to envision all the ways I can paint and fix up this armoire. I e-mail her and she calls right back..I tell her I will need to wait to come see it because my husband is at work until 5. We are down to one car(don't worry it's a blessing from God and a long story). So she gives me her address to come by later and funny enough she lives about 7 house down from me on the same street. So I was able to see it and pick it up all in one day! I feel this is going to be therapeutic for me. So here are the before pictures and I will post pictures as I go. It is going to be very funky and bold when I get done with it...I can't wait. I hope Eliana will want to join the fun in painting as this will be hers when it's finished. The other pictures are of Elias and his daddy borrowing are good friends truck to move it. Elias was crazy for this truck...and funny enough it is for sale. However Elias does not have an extra 9,000. The ice cream business just does not pay that well.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Best Buddies

I had to post pictures of Elias with his best buddy. They are so cute when they hang together. Elias talks about Isaiah all the time. I know he will be so bummed when we move away. The good news is his daddy is in the Marines too and works with Philip,so we hope to be stationed on the same base down the road.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Home Photo Shoot with the kids

I like to try to see if I can get some cute pictures of the kids before I break down and take them to a photo studio. It all started because as a small boy Elias would freak out everytime we would go to take photos. I feel we get some pretty good photos and with shutterfly and their neat cropping and effects to add to the pictures they turn out cute. However I hate the whole edit and order process.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eliana Singing

Eliana loves to play her sing it Wii game. It is very fun to watch her play and try to keep up with singing the songs. You try to match the beat and words. She has the high school musical game. I asked her if I could film her and she said sure...but she was a little nervous.(This video was made prior to her getting her hair cut off).
Eliana Singing

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's been going on...

Not much exciting going on around here. We are just getting ready for Spring...which will be more like a milder summer. It felt like Spring most of winter. The kids have been doing good with selling their ice cream. They take out an old blanket and play outside while they make sales.So I took a picture in their nice big military shade hats. Philip went and hurt his foot last week playing basketball. It is really swollen and they took x-rays and it is not broken just really gross and purple. I also wanted to post just some random pictures of the kids. Eliana was so cute because she finally seems to want to go shopping now...hopefully she does not expect us to splurge on her all the time now. However she does look pretty cute in her new dress she picked out. Elias made a big fat furry friend with an adorable bull dog...so I had to get a few pics.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kids are in business

The kids have opened up their very own ice cream business here at the house. They sale to the housing maintenance men as well as the neighborhood kids. We bought them a big cooler with wheels and will start working the soccer, and t-ball games on the weekend. We buy the ice cream in bulk from an ice cream wholesaler in the area.The same kind of place the ice cream trucks get there ice cream. We have already made back the $50 we spent on the ice cream now the rest is for profit. However I hate having all this ice cream in the freezer as I try to loose weight...lol. We will keep you posted as to how much we make. Philip said if we sold as much as we sold everyday we would roughly make around $800 a month. I don't think we will be selling everyday or make that much:)I thought I would post some pictures of their set up as well as our cutest customer Baby Emma".

Monday, March 16, 2009

Time to get fit

I have decided it is time to get fit for the spring and summer months fast approaching...however I feel very under motivated. With me having all the issues with my knee and toes I feel like it is going to be impossible to get in shape. I could give at least 20 reasons why I feel it is hopeless. However I probably felt the same way back in Feb 07 when I joined the ladies gym back in Spring and I was about 150lbs and had never worked out really strictly. Most of you know that I lost 20lbs and had a pretty kick butt figure going on. Most importantly I was so very happy and proud of myself...wow I so miss that feeling more than being my ideal weight. I have got to get back to that place of feeling full of energy and healthy. I decided to write this post to remind myself that I can get there. I would really appreciate any prayers for me to get motivated to be strong again both mentally and physical. I plan to change my diet ASAP!! I will also incorporate mild exercise until my MRI on my knee, I don't want to screw it up even more. I have posted a picture of when I was fit as motivation. I will keep you posted to see if I do what I need to do!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Educational Snake Show

Well we went to the library this morning to turn in all 50 books the kids had checked out. I noticed that there was to be a snake type show later in the afternoon so we went. It was really interesting to learn some new facts about snakes. We saw a video where they had recorded feeding the snakes...it was gruesome. The fed a Anaconda 2 whole bunny rabbits. It was kinda sad...I don't think the kids thought that video was all that great. They looked like they were watching some type of horror flick. They brought 4 different types of snakes. We each got to touch them and see what they felt like. None of us had ever pet a snake before. Overall it was a cool little educational show. In the video below the kids were asked to act like snakes.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Family Nights

Well as silly as it may sound we have decided to schedule family time. This is so we can be sure to spend enough quality time with the kids. We find it hard to do this unless we make a set time each night. So far it seems to be a great idea. This night we had fun eating ice cream and putting together a left over school project we needed to get done. It took daddy's help as it was way to complicated for me...lol. We put together a 3-D dinosaur puzzle. So they had to give me their best dino face...pretty good don't you think? Even the dogs are enjoying the quality time..the picture of them is watching us play a game on monopoly. I guess they need to feel family involvement as well.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Elias Can Read

Elias is now reading pretty well. We are thrilled with his efforts and imagine he will love reading just as much as Eliana does. I think a big part of his success is that Eliana reads to him almost daily,we are blessed to have her helping us teach him to read. This video shows him reading two paragraphs for the 1st time.This was his first time seeing these paragraphs.Which impressed us even more!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Like Father..like son

Wow how handsome are these two. guys..I just had to snap a couple of photos. Elias loves to dress just like his daddy,and Philip is so cool about the whole twinkie thing. I just feel so lucky to be able to call them my guys!!

Misc Homeschool Pictures

I wanted to show some pictures from what we have been up to this past week and today. We are learning a little about dinosaurs mostly just here and there interesting facts. Something fun to do with the kids besides the basics. Elias has been working hard to learn all about money.He is doing very well with this part of math. Philip got out his coins and had a little show and tell with him. Elias thought this was really cool.