Our Life is Blessed

Praise To God Comes Naturally When You Count Your Blessings.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

I know it is really early for Christmas..but I just have way too much silly fun making these videos and the kids love watching them. I had to do all my Christmas shopping online way in advance so I guess it has put my in the Christmas mood. We are going to be putting up the tree Friday!! I am very excited to see our tree and Christmas decorations up. I love to just sit in the dark room and watch the Christmas tree light up. I think we are going to have a very Merry Christmas even all the way in Africa. Oh by the way don't you just love the idea of two little Elias's...he thought it was great to make a twin for the video. Next year however we will have another elf Palmer to add to the videos!!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Funny Videos of Palmers

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Miss Eliana's Hollywood Premiere Party

This past Friday we celebrated Eliana reaching her double digits birthday with a Hollywood party!! It was a really cute party and I know the girls really enjoyed it. There were around 15 girls total and 8 slept over. We played Trivia games and pictionary. The girls also got the chance to make their own commercials. Elias played the butler as the guest arrived and later in the evening he worked the concession stand handing out candy and popcorn. The large boxes of Candy from the states were a huge hit!! Thanks so much for sending the candy Tiff. I made my first ever barbie cake and was pretty impressed with how glamorous she turned out!! I think Eliana really enjoyed dressing up and she looked very cute and funny in her bleached blondie wig. It was a fun night but at 7 months prego it was very exhausting...I truly think this might have been her last big sleepover.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Misc Nov

I have some pictures I took the 1st part of Nov. that I wanted to post. They are random. We are happy to be in our new place...as promised I took pictures of the inside of the old house before we moved. I did not get every room but you get the idea. I will be posting some pictures of our new place very soon. I do not know the name of the cool location we took pictures at as we were driving around...seems to be some old roman ruins. I plan to do some research and find out. There are so many great places like this to explore here in Tunis and now that we are settled in our house we plan to try to get out and explore. Elias took some pictures of me at around 25 weeks...I turned 27 weeks yesterday and seem much bigger than at 25 weeks! Last I wanted to post some pictures to show how long Elias hair has grown. His daddy is his barber and he has been so busy we have not cut his hair in forever. He has started asking for us to trim the sides because the hair is getting in his ears...lol. Well sorry to mix so many post into one it is just a really crazy time right now!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday ...Eliana turns 10!!!

I wanted to blog about our beautiful daughter turning 10 years old today! Eliana is growing so fast!! We can not get over the fact it has already been ten years since our very big(10.5 lbs) baby girl came into the world. Eliana means "gift from God" and that is exactly what she has been to us. We feel so very blessed to have a daughter with such brains and beauty. This weekend she will be celebrating her birthday with a very fun Hollywood Fashion party with 15 new girlfriends. I love knowing she has such a wondeful personality that so many girls would like to come celebrate with her. I will be sure to post pictures from the party.