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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Miss Eliana's Hollywood Premiere Party

This past Friday we celebrated Eliana reaching her double digits birthday with a Hollywood party!! It was a really cute party and I know the girls really enjoyed it. There were around 15 girls total and 8 slept over. We played Trivia games and pictionary. The girls also got the chance to make their own commercials. Elias played the butler as the guest arrived and later in the evening he worked the concession stand handing out candy and popcorn. The large boxes of Candy from the states were a huge hit!! Thanks so much for sending the candy Tiff. I made my first ever barbie cake and was pretty impressed with how glamorous she turned out!! I think Eliana really enjoyed dressing up and she looked very cute and funny in her bleached blondie wig. It was a fun night but at 7 months prego it was very exhausting...I truly think this might have been her last big sleepover.

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The Cisneros Family said...

Looks like it turned out awesome! Elias is so handsome.. he looks way too old (short but a lot older). The cake came out great too!