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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Misc Nov

I have some pictures I took the 1st part of Nov. that I wanted to post. They are random. We are happy to be in our new place...as promised I took pictures of the inside of the old house before we moved. I did not get every room but you get the idea. I will be posting some pictures of our new place very soon. I do not know the name of the cool location we took pictures at as we were driving around...seems to be some old roman ruins. I plan to do some research and find out. There are so many great places like this to explore here in Tunis and now that we are settled in our house we plan to try to get out and explore. Elias took some pictures of me at around 25 weeks...I turned 27 weeks yesterday and seem much bigger than at 25 weeks! Last I wanted to post some pictures to show how long Elias hair has grown. His daddy is his barber and he has been so busy we have not cut his hair in forever. He has started asking for us to trim the sides because the hair is getting in his ears...lol. Well sorry to mix so many post into one it is just a really crazy time right now!

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