Our Life is Blessed

Praise To God Comes Naturally When You Count Your Blessings.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3rd trimester

I wanted to post a few pics of me in my 3rd trimester. I am now 33 weeks and counting. I feel really good just big and out of breath sometimes. The baby is good and still moving around all the time. I will take some more belly shots soon!!!

Christmas 2009

We had a very nice and simple Christmas this year! The kids got plenty of wonderful toys and surprises thanks to online shopping! The weather was so pretty that we decided to head to the beach. The water was way to cold for swimming...but the sun and sand made for a very relaxing fun time. The kids are now asking to go back to hang at the beach daily!After coming home and cleaning up the kids and Philip took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. It was very nice to go somewhere other than Denny's or Jack in the box. However I think I speak for the entire family when I say we would have been thrilled to go out to eat at any American restaurant. I was treated to really adorable yummy french pastries and a happy birthday song!! We saved our $90 ham for the day after Christmas. The meal was so yummy the kids licked their plates clean...this was a real treat for us. We have been living off the ham for the past few days and I will be freezing the rest for later use.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Around town

I had the camera in the car as we drove around this past Friday! I think some of you might find it neat and funny to just see some random pictures from here. We also finally after 5 random times of trying to go to get our Opium fix we finally scored...lol. We have tried to go and try out this Chinese restaurant"OPIUM" for months but it was always closed or closing...it was open for lunch mid afternoon on Friday which was also a Muslim holiday. Crazy us we were trying at crazy hours like 7p.m for dinner or 1:00p.m for lunch on weekends..lol. The food was good but we plan to bring some spice to add on our next visit...the kids ate very well so we give it 4 stars.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Creative For Christmas

The kids needed Christmas outfits for a day at school. I had totally forgot until we woke up that morning. I knew we had Santa hats and a Christmas hair bow...we also had a few pairs of Christmas socks to spare. I was very impressed that I had them out the door looking pretty cute within 30 minutes. I took ribbon and jingle bells with a plain red t-shirt to make Eliana's outfit. Elias had what I called his home made Christmas sweater...lol. We took his plain black turtle neck and just stuck the little foam craft stickers you get in a bucket from walmart. It turned out really cute and the stickers stayed put all day. I plan to let the kids be able to create their complete Christmas outfits with the little foamies next year. I know they will think that is so cool...plus you just pull them off and wash the shirt and now you have your solid shirt back. They make the foam craft stickers for almost every holiday!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Party

This weekend we attended a very nice Christmas party. It was great fun and even Santa showed up to spread the Christmas cheer. I made the best homemade banana bread ever...my family would have been really proud. Everyone brought something to share and there were so many yummy treats that I kinda made myself sick...lol. I took a few pictures on the way to the party as well as the beautiful views from the house. It would be hard not to sit outside every sunny day with this kind of view from your balcony. We are getting excited about the idea of going to the beach this summer and doing some traveling. I hope little baby Tripp is a good traveler. Eliana has been working on a project for school where she is doing a report on Greece...so now her and Philip are trying to plan a trip to Greece. I would love to go!! There is a cruise we can take that goes to some great places including Greece. I just don't know about taking 2 kids and a baby on a cruise. We shall see after our little guy gets here, which is only about 9 weeks away...omg.