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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Creative For Christmas

The kids needed Christmas outfits for a day at school. I had totally forgot until we woke up that morning. I knew we had Santa hats and a Christmas hair bow...we also had a few pairs of Christmas socks to spare. I was very impressed that I had them out the door looking pretty cute within 30 minutes. I took ribbon and jingle bells with a plain red t-shirt to make Eliana's outfit. Elias had what I called his home made Christmas sweater...lol. We took his plain black turtle neck and just stuck the little foam craft stickers you get in a bucket from walmart. It turned out really cute and the stickers stayed put all day. I plan to let the kids be able to create their complete Christmas outfits with the little foamies next year. I know they will think that is so cool...plus you just pull them off and wash the shirt and now you have your solid shirt back. They make the foam craft stickers for almost every holiday!!!

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