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Monday, December 7, 2009

Our new House

Well I finally got around to taking pictures of the new house. We are still much happier over here in the new place. My only real complaint is we have very rude neighbors who are up from like 11p.m -2:00a,m and are very loud on their balcony which is up against the same wall we have our head board up against...if they keep at it I might just make master bed room the dinning room. Which will stink but what are you gonna do!!! I guess that will mean no more dinner parties..lol. The house is very open and large with lots of these awesome built in closets. We have so much storage space and I love it! We have 3 bedrooms up with a big open upstairs hall full of around 8 closets. There is 2 bathrooms upstairs as well. Downstairs on the 2nd level is the kitchen-living room-maids closet-dinning rm-2 bath rooms 1 power room-1 bath with shower(which I use as a closet)...I do not even think the kids know this bath rm is in the house...lol.We have a nice open big foyer and a great outside back porch with a perfect small yard. the construction pictures are to show the major construction that is right behind our yard. On the 3rd level is a large room which we have turned into the kids play room. I will post pictures of the kitchen if it ever is clean enough to do so...lol.

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