Our Life is Blessed

Praise To God Comes Naturally When You Count Your Blessings.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Home With No Color

So I have been really sad about not having a home to decorate up and paint. I really even miss working in the yard...never thought I'd ever say that. I know it seems so silly but I think the worst part for me about being in the Military is going to be never having that. I miss decorating and all the home improvements. The house we have is very nice and new military housing but...I miss my other houses. I feel like I am living in a mental ward with all the White!!! White wall,white counter tops,white shelves...it is so plain. We are not allowed to paint..so I feel like the house is so unfinished. If you can paint your home you should it is amazing the difference it can make. I feel it would improve my entire family's mood if we could just paint. I don't want to seem ungrateful,especially when some have lost their homes recently. I just felt the need to tell people out there to go paint...bring cheer and warmth to your home. Do it for me! Then send me pictures so the color can cheer me up...lol. P.S. If you have grass to cut and weeds to pull thank God for it...rocks for a yard are so lame. I will be thankful for what ever kind of home God gives us.However I felt the need to post pictures of my past homes with color...and whine a little. I know one day we will own again...and I will paint every inch of the house.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Marines Silent Drill Platoon

So today we got to go take the kids to see the silent drill platoon along with the Marine Corp band. It was cool to see them perform. Elias got a really cool poster and enjoyed the band. Eliana was a little less thrilled and seemed to be bored early on. Overall it was a good family time,however but the Yuma sun got us all a little hot and sweaty!! It was just a friendly reminder of the summer that is fast approaching.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day

This year we decided to go out the night before Valentine's day. So we hired a babysitter and made plans to go to the opening of the newest casino to open.
It is in Winterhaven ,CA which is about 8 miles away. We get all dressed up and head off for a fun kid free night. I wish someone could have warned us how poopie the night would be. First we got stuck for almost 2 hrs on a exit...I thought me and Andy were going to go insane. Me thinking of how crazy to live in such a dump of a town yet still have worse traffic then we did in Houston. Anyone that knows Philip knows he suffers from road rage...he did very well given the circumstances. However at a few points he honked at the car as if that would make any difference. The funniest part was when he rolled down the window to just scream at the top of his lungs...I then look at the review mirror to see the people behind us getting back in the car. I think he scared them to death as they were relieving them self on the side of the road. We finally get to the casino where we meet up with a very nice couple who had been waiting there for us...I felt very bad they had to wait on us. There was the worse food choices for appetizers, so Philip had Calamari...and I had a horrible weird salad....I was so hungry. We then got up to go play some slots...but there were non available...and lines of people waiting to get on. Philip played a little poker but the luck of the evening continued. So we have decided no more dates in Yuma....EVER!!!! There is something that goes wrong every time we do! Some good did come out of the evening we are very happy to have made new friends!! I wanted to post some pictures of the lovely flowers my honey gave me...so pretty!! However since everything is 50% off the following day after holidays we will not be purchasing the stuff until the day after. Yeah we are cheap...but smart...lol.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

San Diego Trip

I already posted the Legoland pictures on the blog,but that was just the 1st day we were in San Diego. Philip got us a barracks room at MCRD San Diego...which holds many memories for Philip as that is where he attended boot camp almost 13 years ago. We drove the base and showed the kids some of the obstacle courses. I know it brought Philip back in time. I still remember flying out to San Diego for his graduation. He looked so handsome and grown up. Everyone was so proud of him and I couldn't wait to be in his arms. As funny as it is one thing we were very excited to do as a family was go to Chick-fil-A. They are everywhere back home and we miss the yummy food so very bad. It had been 8 months. So we had the address programed in the navigation system before we even left Yuma. "They by far have the best Chicken Sandwich". Much to our disappointment the weather was rainy and cold. We had wanted to take pictures on the beach but it was way to cold. So we took the kids to a science museum...we got bored very fast and felt it was not worth the $40. Even Eliana as much as she loves science was bored after 45mins. After leaving the museum we walked Balboa Park and the museum district. It was so beautiful in that area. It's crazy to think me and Philip never came while we lived here in 1999. I was really taken by our lovely day in the park. We took a few cute pictures and just really enjoyed being outside. For dinner that night it was off to a favorite restaurant from when we lived there before. The last time we went was for Valentine's day dinner. Eliana was around 3 months old all dressed up like a doll. The kids ate really good and so we got them our favorite dessert from Claim Jumper"The Mud Pie" it is crazy to think me and Philip use to eat the entire dessert. On our final day we went to a outside mall called Fashion Vally...it had the top designer stores. I loved looking through the outside windows. I know I'd never spent the price so I was sure to stick to window shopping. However I did for the 1st time see a MAC store...so I did go in and Philip treated me to some new goodies. Then we hopped in the car and headed back to Yuma. It was so cold up in the mountains we drove through that it snowed. We were at 4500 feet and found a mountain of snow. So we did want any family would do we got out and played in the snow!! We had a super fun time until we decided we were all freezing cold. Overall it was a really fun little family mini trip.