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Friday, February 5, 2010

Time to POP !

We are back here in TX and getting ready for me to pop at anytime now. I will be induced by Feb. 9th if I do not go into labor by then. I feel great for being this pregnant. It is amazing how different it can be with each child. I feel so blessed to have had a very easy time with this guy. Daddy will be flying in from Africa for the birth another huge blessing!! I thought I'd post my last pregnancy photos of how big I got with this not so little guy. Doctors are guessing he will weigh about 9lbs and I think they are right. I am at a whopping 181 lbs...but do feel like it is mostly baby and fluids. Well next time I post on here it should be with pictures of our new baby boy!! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a safe delivery!!!


A said...

Kim you look great! Your belly button doesn't pop out!!! Mine doesn't either, it just stretches out and hurts! I will be praying for you guys! So exciting that in a few days you will have this new little guy! Can't wait to see pics!

A said...

For some reason my name came up as A...it's was me Andi who posted that last comment. : )