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Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Kids

There is nothing like having a baby to point out to you how fast the other kids have grown. It is just sad how fast it all goes by. I can see why some women have like 6 kids...although it is just not for me...lol. I might consider one more but then that is max. We were planning to have a fourth so Ethaniel would have a sibling closer in age. I know Eliana and Elias having each other is such a blessing. With all the moving and stress that takes places in a military family life it seems very important. By the time Ethanial is 6 Eliana will be sixteen and driving(scary thought) and I am pretty sure 13 year old Elias is going to be off doing his thing. However raising Ethaniel without his daddy has very much opened my eyes to the fact that if we ever did get pregnant again there is a good chance I might have to do it all over again on my own. Hats off to single moms they having the toughest job I could ever imagine. I just have to take care of the kids but can't imagine holding down a job as well.

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