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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July Sales

I have not posted in a long time so I thought I'd share about our 4th this year. Eliana went off to camp for the 1st ever. It about 15 mins from the house but still a big thing for us, I forgot to take the camera when I dropped her off so no pictures. I was of coarse not happy I ran off and forgot my camera:( Then me and Elias went with family to the huge mega Dillards clearance center. They had everything marked 75% off and today an extra 50% on top of that. Well I have never been so overwhelmed by a store in my life. It was too much for my little eyes and brain to take in. I didn't know what to look at or try on. I think if I ever go back there it will be 1st thing in the morning to avoid the crowds and plan to spent 6 or more hours there. No kidding!! I gave up on trying to think of what I wanted to look at and just bought back to school clothes for Eliana. I got all the clothes in the picture for $35.00 There is like 5 tops 2 dresses and 4 pants. The pants were a $1.50 each. This what I call a total score.


The Cisneros Family said...

Wow, you are so good at that. Did you do all that with Elias? If so, good job. Welcome to my world.

The Cisneros Family said...

And last but not least, thanks for giving me something to look at when I come to your page.