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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

1st Day Back to School "Drama"

Well the day started off the great the kids popped out of bed with great ease...they got dress fast. Ate and big yummy breakfast and even had time to watch a few cartoons before we headed down the street to catch the bus. Well the bus was 45 minutes late. That was far from fun to wait on the corner with the kids going on and on about how boring this all is and "where is the bus"?? Finally the bus came so Eliana and little girl we are watching before and after school hopped on and headed off to school. While me and Elias came back to the house and then got ready to go for his 1st day off school. Some might wonder why I just didn't take everyone to school. Well I wanted us to get use to riding the bus right from the start. Elias was so big and brave. He went straight to searching for his name to find his seat. I kissed him we took a quick and then off I went. I was so proud of him because many other kids were freaking out crying screaming the whole 9 yards. He is such a good boy!! I then went to check in on eliana and make sure she was doing good. we took a little picture and hugs and kisses and then I left the school. I went to the woodlands did a little shopping had a little Starbucks and thought wow I could get use to this :) Then I got home and waited for Elias to return home. they have a little bus just for the pre-k kids that takes each child to their house. I thought wow sounds safe. It took 2 1/2 hours for him to get home. I was a little scared to say the least. When he got home he was the last little guy on the bus and past out cold. He was so hungry because he had not eaten since 7a.m and it was now 1p.m So I feed him and held him extra close for a while...just being so happy to have him back. Drama then contiued when Eliana's bus was 1 1/2 late. I however did not worry much thinking they are just having a hard time getting on track the 1st day. So finally the bus comes. I meet and greet and guess what? The little girl Kali was on the bus...but no Eliana. Oh my gosh where the heck is she. I call the school so they can start searching for her...they put me on hold. At this point I call my aunt and she come to the rescue going up to the school to try to find Eliana. I get the other two kids and start driving around looking for Eliana thinking maybe she got off at the wrong stop. I then hear from the school that she is on the wrong bus. which scares me even more because now how do I know which neighboorhood she might be in all lost and alone. Finally I see the bus in the next neigboorhood start flagging it and honking at the bus driver to pull over I then get Eliana off the bus. Glad to have both the kids back safe and sound...and yes they wil be riding the bus again.

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