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Saturday, August 18, 2007

What we did today...

Well lets see I got my hair cut and then came home and started cleaning the house. I have decided that we are most likely going to be putting the house on the market in the near future. That being said I need to downsize on some furniture and household items. If we move some where expensive we will have to live in a small house. Or military housing which is always tight space. So I have decided to have yet another garage sale at the end of this month. I started getting my things together. I took apart Elias's car bed. I will go ahead and sell it because he sleeps in his sister's room every night anyway. Plus if we have a 2 bed room house we will need to only use the bunk bed. So I rearranged his room. It makes the room look smaller but the kids loved it. They were playing post office forever with the white shelves in the middle of the room. Plus they think it's cool the way the bed is hiding in a sense. I will take the mattress out and push the shelves back up against the wall once we start to show the house. Okay well I need to go shower...I worked hard moving around all the furniture. Elias also cracked me up wearing the wig I made for Eliana for halloween. He can be such a funny little guy!

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