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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cute little Palmers

Well wanted to post these cute pictures of the kids. It is shocking how fast they keep growing up. I get sad knowing Elias is our last little Palmer. I hate to see them grow but have no plans for another baby. Well unless God wants to throw in a shocking surprise one day. The kids are such a joy to have around to keep me company while Andy is gone for so long. I can only imagine how slow time would pass and how sad and lonely life would be without them. They keep me so busy all the time. Elias is being a real joker lately always keeping us laughing. For some crazy reason he keeps calling me his servant as well as my aunt. If you get him something he says thank you my servant. Well I keep telling him not to call us that but he does anyway. Eliana is so smart and bright we are very proud of her. She has two weeks left of school and has yet to bring home any grade home less than a B. Trust me I look over her work it's not as easy as you might think it would be.

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