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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Not much new

Well just wanted to post on the blog even though there is not much new. Let me see Elias woke me up with fever of 102 this morning. I do not no why but for some reason every once in a blue moon one of the kids will wake up with really high fever. I must say thank God there is not other symptoms that go along with. I gave him medicine and we passed out on the couch for a mid day 2 hour nap. That is one of the biggest perks to being a stay at home mom. That if you are lucky enough and your kids takes a nap you can too. Then we got up to use a coupon I had at a furniture store for a free vase,picture or art work. To tell the truth I have no idea why they sent me another one because I had already gone and gotten a free vase. So I almost told myself to be good and not go and use the coupon. However my naughty side kicked in and I went. I got another free vase and then headed for home. I got lost 2 times on a street I use almost everyday. It was rush hour so I tried to take short cuts and they both turned out to be no outlets. I took this as a sign from God not to be un-trust worthy no matter how small the matter. So no more use of "one per household" coupons for me. LOL


The Cisneros Family said...

You're so funny. I hope Elias feels better and his fever goes down. I don't like when my kids have the mysterious fever either.

Anonymous said...

Time to repent again! LOL Your funny! Since you have 2 vases per household I will give you my address so you can get that guilty feeling off your shoulders.