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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just because

Well I have not posted a blog for a while so I thought I would just because. Well my cousin was in town this past weekend that was fun we went downtown to go have massages at the spa. We stayed at a very nice Weston hotel which was attached to the Galleria. I loved the bed it must have has at least 6 big fluffy white pillows. Then we got all dolled up and when out to what is know as mid-town. We did a little club hopping. It was great fun! The rest of the weekend I mostly chilled out around the house. This week has been a boring week nothing new going on. I guess that might be why I have not posted anything in a while. I hope to have more pictures and stories to post by the end of the week. Having my every 5-6 month garage sale this weekend. I hope to sell everything because I need new clothes that fit really bad...so I plan to take the profits and go shopping for clothes. That sounds like fun!:)

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