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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Day For Me

Well today was a really nice day...I got some much needed alone time. Eliana was at school and my aunt took Elias for the day it was so nice. I had my hair done and I think it turned out pretty cute..it is short but it grows so fast anyway. I got to go to a make-up store and play with all the make-up. I won't even try to go into ultra with the kids talk about crazy. They get into all the make-up and want to spray everything. Then I got to head over to Victoria secret and buy some new bras. Oh by the way why are there bras so expensive? If you guys buy your bras somewhere else and you like them pass the info along to me. I have never bought bras anywhere but Victoria secrets but it was really costly today...so I might need to find somewhere else to shop for that. Came home then ran of to the gym to do spinning...I was really keeping up strong. Much better than in the past times of going.Gave the kids baths and then decided to post a picture of the new hair cut. Oh by the way I know I look silly mounting the stairs but the kids tell me to pose when they take my pictures. They find it fun to play model and the photographer. I know no modeling contracts for that one. LOL! now I am going to go read my bible. So not a thrilling day but yet a nice relaxing day.

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The Cisneros Family said...

You're hair is really cute. It doesn't look a whole lot different but fresh looking by no means. And yeah, the stair mounting is rather questionable... j/k. You can tell you're posing for the kids. Sounds like a super fun day of pampering. It makes you reflect back and feel so filled up again right? Maybe I'll get that day for Mother's Day..