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Friday, April 20, 2007

Some new Pics

I just wanted to post some of the pictures of the kids and the one of me was when Elias was pretending to be a photographer. He did so well for his age in almost ever picture he took I was centered and he was not moving around or anything.Who knows maybe he will be a photographer one day. He has a love of arts...that is for sure. Eliana is doing great just really hoping summer comes soon. She will be going with my aunt and uncle for 2 weeks to AZ. Then when she gets back I have signed her up for her very 1st away from home summer camp. I think she is ready it will only be for 3 nights and is very close to the house in case I need to get to her fast. Now I just need to find out what to do with Elias for the summer. With Andy being gone I know we will need to stay very busy because being at home alone everyday with the kids sounds like no fun at all. I wanted to give everyone a update on Andy. He is doing so well and really growing closer to the Lord which is so awesome. He has been able to stay in contact very regularly and has even sent us a video he shot of his surroundings as well as a few loving messages for me and the kids. He has also been making me the most wonderful Cd's and sending them to me. He can really be a sweetheart. I ask that you keep his safety in your prayers and all the other men and women who are over there.

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