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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Our weekend

Well I always feel like I have nothing to write about for the blog. Then I realize that every little simple thing I do with the kids is special and worth sharing with you. I guess God has really been showing me that a simple life is a much happier life. I took the kids to putt putt this weekend they had a great time. The weather was perfect which made it nice. Elias loves the golf thing and tries so hard to really do it right. I think I might need to get him some private lessons from my cousin while she is in town. It is just cute to see him take the time to really try and focus...that in its self is hard for a 3 year old. Eliana had her best friend Jane from school to stay the night. They are so much alike that it gets a little overwhelming at times. I do love to see Eliana happy and Elias really enjoyed her staying over as well. He is already making plans to ask a friend over for a sleep over. We had fun cooking breakfast for dinner...we made french toast...sasuage..strawberries with whip cream..and chocolate milk. Eliana eats like a piggy when I make breakfast of any kind. I think she had about 4 french toast and 3 sausage. Oink Oink! Well I am happy anytime my kids want to eat. We got up Sunday and took Jane to visit our church with us. I love my church it is everything I have every needed in a church. The church is so spirit filled and everyone is so loving to each other. I adore the music and the pastors are great. I told my friend Tiffani the other day how strange it is for me to absolutely love to go to church. I do...now instead of thinking about it being over so we can go out to eat...I get upset when it is time to leave. Today's message was about how we must protect our children from the evil things of this world. Well I have been really trying to keep my guard up against many things parents say is okay for their kids. I too was very guilty of just giving in to make them happy or not to seem strange to others. Well not anymore I could care less if people think we a strange or if my kids are happy. No I am just kidding.I do however feel I must do what God expects me to do for my children.

Train a child in the way he should go,and when he is old he will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6

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Anonymous said...

"I guess God has really been showing me that a simple life is a much happier life."

Wow that is great that you said that. Thank you for sharing your love for the Lord with everyone!! If only more of us did that. Great Kim!