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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I finally went...

Well I really do not have much to say except I finally went and took the cycling class at my gym I think I have put it off for almost 2 weeks. It was kinda of scary for me because I plan to start being a fitness instructor at my gym...well they want cycling instructors. So she told me if I liked the class they would hire me and get me certified to teach. Well I really want to do this so I was scared of whimpimg out when I took the class. I did however last the entire hour and kept up very well for a 1st timer. I have been hurting since I got off the bike and wonder what kind of pain will I be in the morning. It will all be worth it because I finally got over the fear of failure. Now I just have to get the nerves to instruct the class. Wow can you imagine how killer my booty and legs are going to be if I can keep with it LOL. Please keep me getting certified to teach in your prays. I really want to do this. The pay is great...the hours are great...and I get to take the kids and do not have to worry about childcare.


The Cisneros Family said...

OHG, those cycling classes are a killer!!! I hate them! Good for you that you kept up the entire time. And yeah, if you start teaching the class, you will be bikini ready in no time- can you even imagine that?

Anonymous said...

Good for you Kim!! Keep up the good work!