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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Eliana gets her new hair cut

Well today was a pretty good day we went to the gym this morning and the kids enjoyed the new computers they had at the gym. I tormented myself on the stair master that is always great fun! We came home and then got ready for the mall. The Woodlands has a really nice mall and so we went to chick-fil-a for lunch. Then I took Eliana for a hair cut at snip-its a really cute kids place to get your hair cut. The lady did a great job. Eliana is getting old enough where I feel she should take care of herself this new hair cut will make it much easier for her to take care of. She got all kinds of complements on her new do. I think she looks so cute...and really hip. After the hair cut we headed to the children's museum to kill some time. The kids love going there and it is nice for me because I just get to sit and read. Me and Elias made a tree out of construction paper and tissue paper turned out really nice. Elias is such a little artist he loves to do anything like that. Eliana really enjoyed dressing up with other girls in the medieval costumes and playing at the castle. Well that's all that took place today but I wanted to share pictures of Eliana's new hair cut.

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